Totally Random

The man in the chair is MARWOOD. Twenty-five years old. Milk white with insomnia. Glasses like Lennon’s and a sweet face behind them. Seventy-five per cent good looks and the rest is anxiety. This is a long haul with unspecified destination. Only thing certain is there are still hours to go. Hours and hours have stagnated in here. Drifting in cigarette smoke and settling with the dust.


None of these pictures is of the Doctor.


"Jarvis, get Pikachu to use tackle.""Sir, wouldn’t you prefer to use thun-""Tackle, Jarvis!""Yes, sir."


"Jarvis, get Pikachu to use tackle."
"Sir, wouldn’t you prefer to use thun-"
"Tackle, Jarvis!"
"Yes, sir."

seeing the companions for the first time.


6 years since they pushed the lever which sealed the destiny of Pompeii.

Classic Who // New Who Parallels People not saying the thing


I love the end of More than 30 Years in the TARDIS because Carole’s like "Who’s the queen tho? Yeah that’s what I fuckin thought."